Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Recent buy: PEP, V, JNJ ...

I have deployed around $10k this week. Here are the buys I executed:

PEP:  $2301
V:       $3026
JNJ:    $1344
HRL:  $461
KMB: $625
TJX:   $844
T:       $433
GIS:   $539
SJM:  $587

I prefer to buy winners but I also added to companies that are having a tougher time now. Companies that are doing fantastic include PEP, V, JNJ. KMB is experiencing P/E contraction but overall is relatively flat. Hormel is still growing well but is experiencing P/E contraction. AT&T is getting competition from T-Mobile and has seen share price falling, but overall it's still very much flat in terms of growth. GIS and SJM are having a tough time in the super market, especially GIS due to their product portfolio positioning and the transition to Organic and natural. GIS has no growth at this moment.  TJX is expanding (same with ROST). However TJX traded at a high P/E and experienced P/E contraction due to the Amazon pressure on retail.


  1. Young Div -

    Massive purchases, all I have to say. Love the AT&T, GIS & SJM purchases up there, as well as HRL. Move making no doubt.


  2. Would you ever consider purchasing Square in your portfolio, or would the position be too speculative? Enjoy reading your posts!

    1. Too much of a Spec but I can see it having a promising future. I rather go with V and MA with dividends.

  3. Good to know about that. I think that you have good budgeting skills.

  4. You picked up many winners with this recent tranche of buys. Many great names that I hold as well. Also looking at GIS and HRL currently. Thanks for sharing.

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