Friday, July 28, 2017

Recent buy: MO

I missed the large dip in PM today. It largely is now flat.
MO dropped a lot and I bought it after a 10% drop. It was lower intraday but I did not wake up early enough.

The announcement that the FDA will look at reducing nicotine concentrations in cigarettes caused all tobacco vendors to drop today. I took the opportunity to add.

I added $1663 in MO today. Will add more if the yield hits 4% territory. Any drop in PM below 5% I will start adding. PM is largely international so I don't think there's much effect on PM.

Happy investing


  1. Nice buy indeed! Instead of me adding those you mention I went ahead and add BTI.

  2. Great purchase, you cant go wrong with MO. It will recover, heck it recovered 1/2 it's losses already today. I wish I had the cash but I just purchased more SO earlier in thew week.