Thursday, July 6, 2017

Recent buy: FRT, T, ROST ...

I purchased the following shares:

FRT: $2020 - this was purchased in my 401k since FRT is a REIT with unqualified dividends.
FRT is a new position for me and will be my second REIT after my holding in "O". FRT is one of the highest quality real estate companies that targets upper income densely populated areas. I am loving how FRT is pulling back nicely on the Amazon retail scares and rising interest rate environment. The company is a dividend aristocrat and the highest credit rating in the industry (even higher than "O"). I plan to optimize my 401k to hold only tax unfriendly investments like REITs. So when my cash position in my 401k accumulates up over $2k I usually deploy it to a REIT, and now I have O and FRT as options.

T: $2482
ROST: $975
TJX: $1063
HRL: $1517

The market is pulling back on many of my holdings. This starts to make a lot of my holdings more attractive for purchase. I have around $15,000 in cash left but I usually keep a steady amount for emergencies. My cash position has shrunk from over $30,000 in the past months to $15,000 which has helped increase my dividends per year.

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  1. All great companies that I'm adding as well. The only one I have left to add is ROST and is beginning to enter on my buy range. Great picks!