Thursday, May 4, 2017

Recent buy: CL & CLX

I bought some Colgate and Clorox today. These two have sold off a bit so I thought I'd put some now and I'll buy more as it continues to decline. I like both companies a lot and like the types of products they sell.

Clorox: $1302
Colgate: $1771

So $3k was invested this week. These two don't yield super high but it's still a reasonable mid 2% yield. They are also dividend aristocrats with strong track records.


Happy investing


  1. Over time that mid 2% yield will eventually turn into a 5% yield and continue increasing. Very good for you.

  2. @youngdividend - nice buys. You can probably look at GSK as a counter play to these, with a large dividend yield.

  3. I love both companies long term and hold them in my portfolio for about ten years now. I would love to add to both names but not at current levels. Still, I like the buys and think these two names belong in any DGI portfolio!