Saturday, May 13, 2017

April 2017 Dividends Received

April was a productive month. I received $844 across my three brokerage accounts. With over $800, I can easily cover my basic living costs (excluding rental). Food and drinks and eating out is no longer a problem. Filling up my Prius for a long road trip doesn't bug me too much anymore. Nor does paying for the electric bill or cell phone bill.

Ticker      Total    Taxable    Roth IRA         401k
MO $370.65 $325.90 $44.75
PM $165.54 $120.15 $45.39
KMB $60.92 $39.25 $21.67
KO $45.32 $45.32
O $41.60 $34.21 $7.39
MKC $34.73 $15.27 $19.46
XEL $32.65 $32.65
VZ $25.68 $25.68
ADP $24.46 $24.46
Interest $20.00 $20.00
MDT $12.17 $12.17
SYK $11.24 $7.41 $3.83
$844.96 $630.41 $59.89 $154.66

Jan, April, July, October are my best paid months.
February, May, August, and November are light due to what I hold in my portfolio.

I monitor my income from the companies I own on a quarterly basis. Below shows the dividends received for each month back to the time I started building my passive income. The blue line is the 3 month moving average.

For the coming May month I am expecting $350 and June I am forecasting $740.


  1. Excellent, that rolling dividend is starting to trend upwards again which is great to see. Well done.
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  2. Good job love that MO and PM dividend can't go wrong with those 2. Keep it up.

  3. Nice work. 800$ plus in a month is awesome! April is one of my worst months. I need to work on it. Cheers

  4. Great month for passive income. Like you, I look at what my monthly dividends can already cover in terms of expenses. It makes it much easier to quantify and give meaning to that money rolling in.

  5. YD,

    Great for a first month of the quarter (typically my worst month). Excellent YOY growth.

    - Gremlin

  6. I see you are holding a lot of names in more than one account. How do you decide what to allocate in taxable vs. tax-advantaged accounts?

    1. You want to hold companies that pay dividends that are not taxed favorably in tax sheltered accounts. These are for me REITs since the dividend is not qualified and taxed highly.

      If you have foreign company dividends you want to hold it in a taxable account so you can deduct the rate when you file taxes.