Monday, April 24, 2017

Recent buy: BDX

Today BDX announced they purchased BCR for a 20% premium. I hold shares in both but my position in BCR is small. It was however a very nice gain and I am sure BCR will serve BDX well in the long run. I expect a lot of synergies and cost savings along with EPS growth for BDX after the acquisition.

I have a large holding in BDX and I added 19 shares today. I spent around $3400 on BDX. If it falls more I plan to add more to BDX. BDX and JNJ are two of my favorite dividend aristocrat healthcare companies. They have consistently increasing earnings and dividend increases for many many decades, even during economic recessions. They provide products and equipment we need since health is very important for people and when you're sick you will eventually spend money on health equipment. Healthcare companies are also in a good spot for the next several decades as the baby boomer population hits old age, which usually results in higher healthcare costs.


  1. Thanks for sharing your thought, much appreciated.

  2. Like you, I also hold BDX and BCR. They have been with me since I started my DGI journey almost a decade ago. I'll continue to hold my BDX and will look to add there one day again. In the meantime, it will be bye bye little BCR yield for a larger BDX yield. Thanks for sharing.

  3. BDX is interesting at these levels. I will have to check them out.