Friday, August 12, 2016

Trying out the new Excel 2016 Graph (Treemap)

Treemap with Office 2016:

Treemap with Google Docs (what this blog has used for a long time)

I have always used the Treemap feature in Google Docs to create my Portfolio rectangular breakdown of my stock weightings.

You can see the Treemap in the Portfolio page. I update it everytime I update the chart.

I have recently installed Microsoft Office 2016 and I notice they now have a Treemap feature! And it is quite nice. I gave it a spin and here is what I produced. They have a lot more fancier formatting options than Google Docs and I love the colors!

The one difference though is that Microsoft Office color codes each sector with their own color. In the Google Docs treemap I have been using for more than a year, I used colors to indicate if a position was more speculative (red) or safe (green). I haven't figured out how to color code it that way and also have it group the sectors together.

I'll post a tutorial soon on how you can make your own graphs like this shortly!

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  1. Hi Young Div,
    The new treemap looks pretty cool to me - easier and much cleaner to read. Thanks for sharing.