Saturday, June 6, 2015

Watchlist: Early June

The markets have took a nice turn recently for many stocks I really want to own. These stocks are dipping below their SMA 200 and have attractive RSI. Some are approaching ex-dividend really quickly.

All of these companies have very long solid dividend histories (PM is a spinoff of MO and KMI is a merge of the old KMP and KMR)..

MO and KO go ex-dividend next week so I'm looking to add into those. CL is a business I want to really own as a core holding one day. I will be looking to drip more into it next week even if the price is more expensive than the others I am eyeing. I prefer paying more for high quality. The ex-dividend is in July. PM goes ex late this month so I will looking forward to adding it if it remains attractive valued. I prefer PM below $78.

June Ex-dividend Stocks:



July Ex-dividend Stocks:
July is a long way off and the market may easily jump up back to new highs. Below are companies that are falling below their SMA 200 that are high quality and need to be more heavily weighted in my portfolio. Although PG's growth has dwindled recently, I still like the products it sells and its high dividend and dividend growth history. I think in the short term, PG will provide unimpressive results but over decades the dividend increases compounded and reinvested will be highly profitable.




Other Dividend Stocks:
In my retirement account, I am considering selling my very small position in HCP to buy more O. HCP has issues with its largest tenant undergoing an investigation by the US Justice Department. It's stated that "HCP derives around 90% of its post-acute revenue from HCR, or 29% of HCP's overall revenue". Although HCP is a dividend aristocrat, I feel more comfortable with O. My portfolio is getting to have too many holdings, and some of the holdings have negligible weight on my portfolio. I feel that I need to cut down on the number of companies I have to monitor. O is approaching attractive valuation and has went below its SMA 200. Although I believe it can fall further after official rate hike increase, O presents a good 5% yield in today's low interest environment.


Rising rates also has a damaging effect on Utility stock prices. Right now D is approaching values that are more attractive to me. In addition to D, I feel that another attractive stock to consider is SO. SO I believe is undervalued by a good amount so there is good margin of safety. SO is over 5% yield too which is one of the highest for safe utility stocks. I consider SO and D both core holdings in my portfolio and want to have a full holding in both eventually. However, I do not have enough cash to add to everything. I personally would like to see D below $65 which pushes it over 4% yield.


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