Monday, June 1, 2015

May 2015 Dividends Received

I was able to meet my income goals in May. Below is a list of dividends I received in my three accounts this month.

Account Ticker Dividend
Taxable T $55.18
GIS $16.85
VZ $18.52
AAPL $11.48
ABBV $31.29
KMI $38.62
PG $17.69
CAT $6.89
SBUX $6.10
401K GIS $11.44
Roth O $15.21
HCP $9.61
TOTAL: $238.88

My current future dividend for June already meets the goal. I will be working on July targets in the next month. I have been attempting to accumulate an emergency fund in cash. The downside with raising an emergency fund is my monthly contributions are reduced which reduces my dividend income. However, I think it's worth it to be safe and have cash on the side when unpredictable things happen.

Here are July dividend paying candidates. I own some of them and have some on my watchlist. My comments are provided for each ticker:
KMB - FastGraphs indicates that the 15 yr historical P/E is much lower than what it is now. The price is overpriced by 20%. The yield is good however.
KO - Fairly valued. Good yield.
MO - Expensive but high yield and high dividend growth. May consider adding more to this moaty stock.
PM - Undervalued. High yield. Dividend growth this year may be pathetic due to the strong dollar but I am in this stock for the long haul. I see strong prospect in international tobacco growth.
UNP - They already went ex-dividend. UNP is undervalued and I may consider if it falls below $100.
KRFT - I am not adding more to this until after the merger ends.
MKC - Overvalued by around 14% according to FastGraphs. Yield is on the low side for me.
O - High yield. Love this stock and will be looking forward to add at around $40-41
PNY: Dividend aristocrat with good yield. Overvalued but will consider it at $34.

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