Monday, June 22, 2015

Recent buy: PM

Bought 28 shares of PM around $2320. This will add around $112 in annual income. This company goes ex-dividend tomorrow.


  1. Nice, I wanted to buy some PM but the stock market took off and my buy order never triggered.

    1. CD, your patience is great. I just buy what I feel I want to keep owning for 30+ years. I see PM as a core so I'm willing to pay fair value for it. Over the next 30 years I don't think it would matter significantly if i dripped it now or -10% next month.

    2. I usually do but I had a limit order set for what I figured was a price that would be triggered. That was the day the markets went up like 140 points or something. It never triggered and I missed the ex-div date. No biggie though I may buy some before too long though. Good buy here though .

  2. Way to keep feeding the stock portfolio and thus your passive income stream. PM is a great long term play. In fact, we own shares of PM in our portfolio as well. Continue to buy large companies at fair values and you'll do fine in the long run.

    Best wishes and continued success. AFFJ