Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Recent sell: ARCP

I have sold all my 86 shares in ARCP today after the announcement of securities fraud. It is against my beliefs to do business with people with low integrity. ARCP has demonstrated today that it is a company that can't be trusted.

My losses were around $200 (0.4% of my dividend portfolio) which is small, since my ARCP position was a speculative one. I will be putting the remaining cash to work soon after I decide on my next purchase. Yes, the selloff was crazy and the price may come back up. But I would rather lose $200 and learn from my mistakes than to have many sleepless nights.

1 comment:

  1. Being able to sleep well at night and look at yourself in the mirror is really what investing is all about. It's not worth the aggravation or headache and misery of not being 100% happy with every investment you make. This is the first blog that I read of an ARCP sell. I wonder how many more will follow.