Thursday, October 16, 2014

Recent Buy 10/16/2014

The market has been quite volatile lately. I welcome the slight correction that many stocks are seeing right now. Today I put capital into the following companies:

ARCP - 86 shares - $11.96
V - 5 shares - $201.64


These are two very different stocks. I added ARCP in my Roth IRA since it is a REIT which pays large monthly dividends. I feel that this stock is undervalued at the moment. My two REIT players are now O and ARCP. I feel that ARCP is a riskier play so I do not plan on making this one a full position yet.


V is a growth stock that I believe will have large dividend growth and capital gain potential. Its dividend yield is low but its growth prospects are extremely high. I believe the price after the recent correction makes it attractively valued. 

The reason I purchased a very high yield stock and a very low yield stock today is so that I can maintain an average yield of around 4%.

I have additional capital coming in very soon and am holding them as cash until I feel that the time is right to purchase XOM/CVX/COP/BP. I feel that the oil sector is extremely undervalued at the moment; however, I do think that they can still fall further which is why I am waiting.

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