Sunday, August 24, 2014

Buys 8/21 and 8/22

On 8/21 before the market close, I purchased 20 shares of ROST at $69.49. ROST was scheduled to release their earnings after the market close on this day. TJX recently reported spectacular earnings a couple days ago, which led their stock price to jump dramatically. It seems like brick and mortar clothing stores are still alive and well. ROST is very similar to TJX. I have positions in both companies and believed ROST would have good results like TJX did.

The earnings report ended up working out for me very well. ROST instantly jumped to $74.37 on Friday, which gave me an instant 4.88$ boost per share. After the recent climb, I may trim my position in ROST and TJX for bluer companies that pay a higher dividend. I have made a quick penny with TJX and ROST so far. The brick and mortar trash talk had gone too far and I feel TJX and ROST were far too undervalued.

ROST recent history:

TJX recent history:

On 8/22 before the Friday market close, I also initiated a position in BAX. I bought 8 shares at $75.19. This should add a handsome $16.63 dollars of dividends per year. I plan to add more to BAX if it drops further.

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