Saturday, August 2, 2014

August cleanup & goal update & buys

August will be a time for me to cleanup my portfolio and ensure that the positions I hold are what I will be happy with for the long term. I have had the luxury of having free trades for a couple months when I opened a new account with my online broker.

The market during the beginning of August was a nice change. The S&P500 dipped around 3.5% and I saw a lot of stocks that I wanted to buy come on sale. 

I have recently started a small new position in AT&T on 7/28 and Visa on 7/29.
I added to MCD and KO
I traded some position in RTN and SDRL and WMT for 1000$ in Realty (O).

I am currently eyeing several stocks that have dipped significantly. I have around $5200 of funds being added this month, and hopefully some of these stocks are on sale when the funds are finished transferring.

High interest:

Moderate interest:

I have also updated the look of the "Portfolio" page. The "Progress" page has been updated with a new graph that has a more aggressive plan. The "Progress" page has also been updated to include a table of what stocks pay me dividends every month. I will continuously update this page as I buy more stocks and the monthly income goes up.

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