Saturday, July 26, 2014

End of July watchlist

At the moment there is $1000 being transferred to my taxable. The current stocks are on my watchlist. Since the market is at an all time high, I prefer investing in blue chip securities that have a high yield. Below is a table that highlights the stocks I am tracking. I prefer stocks with a Chowder # higher than 12. Those tickers highlighted in green show stocks that meet that criteria.

I was looking to add more to Industrials to diversity my holdings. RTN and DE look appealing. DE is quite volatile though (beta 1.26). I have a very small position in both and will continue to average down. RAI is looking appealing after the acquisition of LO but I am very heavy on tobacco already (MO and PM). Perhaps I will start a middle entry position in RAI. The yield of RAI is very attractive and the Chowder is around 12 as well. For industrials, GWW is a dividend champion with a lower yield but very high dividend growth. It has taken a 7.7% correction this year so far.

I wanted to add some REIT to my portfolio since I don't have any REITs. ARCP and O pay monthly dividends. ARCP has a very chunky yield and is a very large company, but their management is questionable. I would prefer O anyday but O is very expensive right now. Also, in lieu of rising interest rates, O doesn't look too appealing. ARCP has some safety since it's already so run down in price.

CB is looking attractive after the recent dip after earnings. The stock will still have to drop further before it interests me as the yield is kind of low and the Chowder # is only 8.4.

In addition to the stocks above, I am also eyeing KMB, KO, and T. These are standard solid dividend champions that have dipped a bit in the last couple weeks. The Chowder # of these stocks are lower because they have lower dividend growth.

Out of all the stocks on this list, the ones I want to own the most are KMB, KO, T, and O. However, I will only buy stocks that have a decent deal.

TickerYieldRSIMy Target Buy RSIChowder #

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