Monday, July 7, 2014

New buys & sells

I sold some shares of Apple (AAPL)
I bought some more shares of General Mills (GIS)

I spent around $1800 to initiate a position on AAPL several weeks ago. I did it as a speculative investment for fun. The speculation has paid off and the stock is up 10.69% from what I paid for it. I am not a fan of tech stocks and I needed to shed off some  AAPL since it was overallocated. The yield of AAPL is decent at 2.0% but not near what I would like. I sold 5 shares of AAPL (no commission). At the end of the day I was satisfied to lock in the 10.69% gain (not including taxes!). I still have around $1530 in AAPL that will pay 2% in dividends.

With the money I purchased General Mills. The price dipped recently but has recovered by a large degree. The yield is over 3% which is very nice and I feel GIS satisfies all of my DGI objectives. With the $2500 funds being added to the brokerage account I may add more to GIS if the price is still low.

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