Wednesday, February 10, 2021

December 2020 & January 2021 Dividends Received

I forgot to post the dividend report for December, and since January has also passed I will post both results in here.

December 2020 Dividends Received:
Ticker Total Taxable 401k
COST $480.89 $480.89
JNJ $287.33 $280.97 $6.36
HD $232.88 $204.02 $28.86
NEE $212.86 $161.95 $50.91
MMM $211.48 $183.36 $28.12
KO $178.89 $178.89
WEC $153.61 $135.69 $17.92
O $151.82 $151.82
MSFT $111.76 $80.83 $30.93
D $111.08 $73.45 $37.63
V $86.81 $69.02 $17.79
BDX $85.20 $85.20
MCD $69.07 $69.07
HON $63.52 $63.52
CHD $56.56 $40.86 $15.70
INTEREST $2.31 $2.31
$2,496.07 $2,110.03 $386.04

In December, Costco had a special dividend and that boosted the December dividends received more than what I planned.
January 2021 Dividends Received:
Ticker Total Taxable 401k
MO $745.22 $678.47 $66.75
PM $521.54 $459.10 $62.44
PEP $273.11 $236.51 $36.60
KMB $233.08 $186.78 $46.30
XEL $178.70 $178.70
O $165.86 $165.86
ADP $161.16 $161.16
ITW $137.00 $111.96 $25.04
MKC $105.51 $76.25 $29.26
MDT $61.46 $61.46
SYK $61.09 $55.31 $5.78
INTEREST $0.04 $0.02 $0.02
$2,643.77 $2,205.72 $438.05

January was a strong month with total dividends over $2600 USD.

Both January and December had good results, and the dividends received trend continues to push higher. I have not invested a lot of cash recently as I am debating about allocating funds for a down payment for a property. This is to diversify my assets to include real estate in addition to just stocks. Since I have stopped adding shares besides the dividend reinvestment, my dividend growth this year likely will slow compared to previous years.

I am finding it more challenging to find dividend companies at good valuations with good dividend yields in today's market environment, putting cash to work now when the market is very high is not a big urgency right now for me as I already have over a million in stocks. I can sit and wait, have a lot of cash, and if the market rises more then great since I already have a million dollars sitting in stocks to benefit. Spending my cash to get a few more tens of thousands of dollars in equities urgently now is not going to change my returns dramatically.


  1. Hi YD,

    Great to see you back, I check in here daily :) You´re such an inspiration and everything I invest in is from your site. How do you manage the FOMO of the growth companies right now. I here friends making 50%,60% up to 100% on stocks meanwhile im here chasing steady dividend growers.

    Where would you say I should put my money this year? even though you said you hade some difficulties whats on your watchlist?


    1. I really would not chase anything and just continue the same track as you had before. It's also not advised to compare returns others are having. The fear of missing out is dangerous and causes the emotional upswings which will peak. There are a lot of new fads recently from short squeezes on Reddit as they battle out against the hedge funds to Bitcoin to Tesla and SPACs and IPOs. To many, one of the most upsetting things is to see one's friends and families and acquaintances make money while they missed out. In times like this I would be more concerned with protecting the downside than worrying about chasing more upside, and focus on what you know. I am content holding cash.

    2. Thank you for the answer. Please update with a watchlist or something when you get the chance. I really like your strategy and about the same age although I don't have anything near your size of portfolio I still think you are the best blog to follow. I'm depending on you :D

      Greetings from Sweden:D

  2. Did you end up buying back all of your PM and MO?

    Your latest portfolio update looks like it still sports quite large positions in both, but I had thought you had sold large chunks of them off in December. Is it up-to-date?

    1. I bought them back after the tax loss harvest wash period was over. MO and PM I feel are doing fine, I like their earnings through the COVID year. The dollar is also weak, this will help PM.

  3. What type of second property are you looking at? I recently bought a vacation property which is basically a hotel room, so the management company rents it to tourists during all the weeks other than the 2-4 weeks a year I plan to use it.

  4. Congrats YD on your dividend income. Looks like you have 1 minimum wage worker's salary getting generated just through dividends now which is impressive given your age. I am about 10 years older than you and my portfolio generates about 60% of what your's generates, although my portfolio is skewed around 70% towards DGI and 30% towards non-divi paying growth names.

    I feel at times, your returns can be even better if you don't overpay to gain those dividend income and buy these blue chips at right valuations whenever they are out of favor by wall street. I've been following that approach with good results over the past 4 years and will selectively re-invest my dividends/cash when the valuations look attractive. GLTU and best wishes!