Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 End: $1,053,417

The last trading day of 2020 has ended, the final pay check of the year with some one-time payment from performance incentives was paid to my bank account. Surprisingly despite the disaster of COVID19, the S&P500 ended up over 15%!

My total portfolio including all cash and assets now stands at the following. 

Net worth total:
$1,053,417.75 USD

Dividends annually: 
$25,917.33 USD

After the new years weekend, I will write a year end summary and what I plan to do going forward. 2020 was a very eventful year as there was a pandemic that destroyed the paper value of my portfolio. Some companies cut the dividend, some positions were exchanged out for new ones. And some tax loss harvesting was done. Overall, the portfolio has grown and held strong with its dividend growth investing principles, and the portfolio thankfully did not succumb to the fear of COVID19 at the bottom lows. I am thankful I still have a job in these uncertain times, and continue to invest heavily into my portfolio and underspend my take home income. This saving and investing persistence for 8 years has allowed this portfolio to grow to the size it is today. The portfolio's capital appreciation plus dividend payment now accounts for a decent chunk of this portfolio's decent size, and I believe going into the future the portfolio will carry itself more and more forward instead of relying on my periodic vocational income contributions.

Happy new year to all and wish all a fantastic 2021 investing year.


  1. Hello! Congratulations on your success this year. There is a lot in common between the investment strategies, I also switched a couple of companies which I think will not be effective due to the effects of COVID and I also strengthened my portfolio. I wish you similar results and a successful investment for next year ...

  2. YD,

    It's amazing to see you cross into the double comma club. And even more impressive that it's been just 8 years for you to get there. Nearly $26k in dividends is awesome and your portfolio all on it's own is going to push you further along.