Saturday, July 11, 2020

Recent buy: GIS, COST, MMM, MSFT, PEP ...

I bought the following on 7/9/2020 a Thursday when the market was decreasing.

I added some quantities into the following positions:

GIS $1250
COST $979
MMM $458
MSFT $640
PEP $531
CHD $244
GD $420


  1. Excellent month Young Dividend! Making some moves right there. Gotta love it. Enjoy that dividend income.


  2. Excellent list of companies there. Love Costco and have been a customer for over 10 years and shares have always looked expensive. Thinking of finally pulling the trigger and buying shares as well.

    Have you looked at Hormel (HRL)? Another great dividend aristocrat that has compounded at above average rates compared to S&P with great dividend growth rates...I recently initiated position in HRL and will be adding over time if it dips from here on