Tuesday, June 23, 2020

May 2020 Dividends Received

This is a late post, been very busy lately and didn't have a time to summarize.
My portfolio has recovered quite well in terms of share price and nearly all my positions have held their dividend and look in stable condition. 

In recent news, TJX has cut their dividend due to COVID19 to save cash. The company is fine and they took the more conservative step. I am still holding TJX as they were paying a low dividend and I was holding TJX for capital appreciation. This is a usual exception to my rule. It looks like ROST still has not cut its dividend, but if this keeps going it may be the same for ROST. 

Overall, losing TJX's dividend did not impact my portfolio's total annual dividend output as I have been buying more shares of other companies in the last few weeks.

In May I received $1313 in dividends. The 2/5/8/11 months are light paying dividend months as I do not hold many companies that pay in these quarters.

Ticker      Total    Taxable         401k
T $315.27 $314.74 $0.53
CLX $192.10 $192.10
PG $135.22 $122.97 $12.25
APD $138.33 $138.33
GIS $113.81 $75.15 $38.66
CL $89.30 $76.15 $13.15
O $102.11 $102.11
SBUX $76.42 $62.16 $14.26
GD $63.44 $63.44
ABT $49.29 $49.29
MA $37.91 $19.02 $18.89
INTEREST $0.03 $0.03
$1,313.23 $1,113.35 $199.88

Below I plot the growth of my actual dividend cash received. All dividends have been reinvested back to the companies that paid them.

The portfolio's forward dividend is now increasing further. Right now it stands at around $22,500 USD a year.

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