Saturday, December 7, 2019

November 2019 Dividends Received

Another month passed. That means more cash for the portfolio. The following payouts are listed below from my positions. Note the 2/5/8/11 month payouts are less compared to other months in the quarter, because I hold less companies that pay in these particular months.

Ticker      Total    Taxable         401k
T $273.54 $273.03 $0.51
CLX $182.13 $182.13
PG $126.03 $114.61 $11.42
APD $118.61 $118.61
GIS $91.30 $53.36 $37.94
CL $86.22 $73.52 $12.70
O $73.05 $73.05
SBUX $65.56 $51.43 $14.13
GD $56.17 $56.17
ABT $40.30 $40.30
MA $31.20 $15.65 $15.55
INTEREST $0.18 $0.18
$1,144.29 $978.99 $165.30

Everything appears to be on track. The portfolio is able to increase its income every year by itself, due to dividend increases. The dividend reinvestment also is starting to become very significant at acquiring more shares. The portfolio generates over $20K in dividends a year now, that's a lot of dividends that can be reinvested back into shares that pay even more dividends. My constant contributions every month also help propel the dividends even higher as I am always saving my take home income to add more and more shares.

For December I am expecting $1780 and January around $2070. I think January will be the first month a single month breaks the $2000 dividend payout level.

Happy investing


  1. YoungDiv -

    Looking forward to the $2k month from you, no doubt. Your 2020 will be interesting, as you may be marching to an average of $2k per month.


  2. Absolutely fantastic! An "off" month of >$1k is amazing. And with $2k months on the way your dividends are going to really be growing throughout 2020 even if you don't invest any more capital.