Thursday, October 31, 2019

October 2019 Portfolio Summary

I am going to start to title my monthly reports using the month that I am writing in, instead of writing about last month's status, since I usually end up writing my monthly report at the end of every month. This summary will detail how my portfolio is doing for October 2019, as now is close to end of October.

I'll start with the two most important charts, which show the progress of my saving and investing strategy.

The portfolio value is now increasing a bit, the portfolio has been stagnant around the $750-760K range for several weeks despite the continuous contribution every 2 weeks. The market has been moving in a range bound level for many months now due to trade war concerns, and this fear has left a lot of investments (overall) stationary. At the current rate, it will be difficult to hit $800K before end of this year.

During some of the dips, I was able to add several positions in the last few weeks. These additions help move my portfolio income upward steadily, as seen in the forward dividend graph below.

Right now the income of the portfolio is $19,782. Visa just recently announced a large 20% dividend increase which I am very happy with. I think I will be easily on track to hit $20,000 in portfolio forward annual dividends before the end of this year.

The market values of each of my positions are listed in the table below. Visa continues to dominate the top spot. Mastercard and Visa both have been very high performers in the portfolio, I just had a larger position in Visa many years ago so it rose faster. Next Era Energy has been one of the best performing stocks lately in my portfolio, it is a very well run high growth utility company with strong track record. Home Depot, and NEE all have been trading spots with JNJ as JNJ is struggling with law suits relating to its Baby Powder. Recently they announced a recall of a batch in the USA from an online retailer due to a trace 0.00002% presence of asbestos in a sample test, this does not help their narrative. I am still long JNJ as they are strong enough to withstand these lawsuits but I think growth will be limited in share price. Altria (MO) has been making a come back from its lows. I have added to it previously at some of its low price ranges to get the dividend.

Name Ticker Sector       Value   Weight        Divies      Yield SP Fin VL Fin VL Safety
Visa Inc V Financial $42,457.99 5.54% $286.48 0.6747% A+ A++ 1
Johnson & Johnson JNJ Health $34,292.30 4.48% $1,015.28 2.9607% AAA A++ 1
NextEra Energy Inc NEE Utilities $34,066.64 4.45% $719.07 2.1108% A- A+ 2
Home Depot Inc HD Discret $33,864.91 4.42% $786.01 2.3210% A A++ 1
Altria Group Inc MO Staples $33,578.14 4.38% $2,410.74 7.1795% BBB B++ 2
Philip Morris International Inc PM Staples $33,566.63 4.38% $1,916.22 5.7087% A B++ 2
PepsiCo PEP Staples $30,362.26 3.96% $848.83 2.7957% A A++ 1
Realty Income Corp O REIT $26,027.26 3.40% $876.59 3.3680% A- A 2
Clorox Co CLX Staples $26,013.78 3.40% $728.52 2.8005% A- B++ 2
Mastercard Inc MA Financial $25,544.60 3.33% $124.80 0.4885% A A++ 1
Becton Dickinson and Co BDX Health $24,746.12 3.23% $311.99 1.2607% BBB A++ 1
Ross Stores Inc ROST Discret $23,775.23 3.10% $219.09 0.9215% A- A 2
Air Products & Chemicals, Inc APD Materials $21,805.39 2.85% $474.43 2.1757% A A+ 1
Xcel Energy Inc XEL Utilities $21,412.83 2.79% $545.08 2.5456% A- A+ 1
AT&T Inc T Telecom $20,904.03 2.73% $1,155.36 5.5270% BBB A++ 1
WEC Energy Group, Inc. WEC Utilities $20,877.96 2.72% $525.34 2.5163% A- A+ 1
Procter & Gamble Co PG Staples $20,824.83 2.72% $504.19 2.4211% AA- A++ 1
McCormick & Company MKC Staples $20,479.93 2.67% $292.97 1.4305% BBB A+ 1
Kimberly-Clark KMB Staples $20,132.89 2.63% $618.09 3.0700% A A++ 1
Illinois Tool Works Inc. ITW Industrial $19,301.67 2.52% $480.83 2.4911% A+ A++ 1
Automatic Data Proc, Inc ADP Tech $18,682.38 2.44% $364.51 1.9511% AA A++ 1
3M Co MMM Industrial $17,220.99 2.25% $597.22 3.4680% AA- A++ 1
The Coca-Cola Co KO Staples $17,183.77 2.24% $511.52 2.9767% AA- A++ 1
Stryker Corporation SYK Health $16,884.31 2.20% $165.95 0.9829% A A++ 1
Church & Dwight CHD Staples $14,616.20 1.91% $177.99 1.2178% BBB+ A+ 1
Microsoft Corporation MSFT Tech $13,827.36 1.80% $200.44 1.4496% AAA A++ 1
Colgate-Palmolive Co CL Staples $13,717.74 1.79% $344.90 2.5143% AA- A+ 1
Starbucks Corporation SBUX Discret $13,332.18 1.74% $230.25 1.7270% A A++ 1
Dominion Energy, Inc. D Utilities $13,295.05 1.74% $596.16 4.4841% BBB+ B++ 2
TJX Companies Inc TJX Discret $12,712.52 1.66% $197.89 1.5567% A+ A++ 1
General Mills, Inc. GIS Staples $10,573.68 1.38% $410.30 3.8804% BBB A 1
Abbott Laboratories ABT Health $10,281.60 1.34% $161.18 1.5677% BBB A++ 1
General Dynamics Corporation GD Industrial $9,556.93 1.25% $224.69 2.3510% A+ A++ 1
McDonald's Corporation MCD Discret $9,377.91 1.22% $240.94 2.5692% BBB+ A++ 1
Honeywell International Inc. HON Industrial $8,255.59 1.08% $173.16 2.0975% A A++ 1
Medtronic plc MDT Health $7,917.96 1.03% $162.20 2.0486% A A++ 1
Boeing Co BA Industrial $7,562.20 0.99% $182.92 2.4189% A A++ 1
Misc Type ……….. Partial Totals Weight Yr Dividends  Avg Yield …..832 …..9 …..82
Equity Stocks $749,033.74 97.76% $19,782.13 2.6410%
Investable US Dollars $10,814.11 1.41%
Miscellaneous Assets $6,352.50 0.83%
. .. Equity + Misc Weight …..2 ….. …..222 …22 …..223
Total $766,200.35 100.00%

So far the plan seems to be working well. Dividends are increasing. Companies are increasing their dividends as their earnings grow. A few positions are not doing so well relative to the average market, but that is fine to me as I own a basket of high quality companies. The portfolio as a whole is largely earning more EPS every year, business in America appears to be going very well despite the trade war discussions. I have been impressed with many companies' earnings reports in the last few days.

Not all of my positions will excel all the time. This is why I decided to have a diversified portfolio, so if any one company lags behind or fails it is not a large concern or risk to me. The portfolio has climbed by itself by over 6 figures on its own already since inception, and the annual dividend increase rate with dividends reinvested are all in the 13-14% range in the last 6 years which has helped grow my passive income very well. For reference, 13% dividend growth will double the dividend in around 5.5 years.

Happy investing, 2019 is almost ending. I hope I can hit $800,000 before the year end, that will be a good goal milestone.



  1. YD,

    Another great month. And man is that TPV chart amazing. It's crazy to see how quickly you've built up your portfolio. I'm sure $20k in forward dividends will be coming for you soon with the amount you have to invest each month. Keep up the great work and best of luck on reaching $800k.