Wednesday, June 5, 2019

May 2019 Dividends Received

Here is a tally of the dividends received in May. Amounts are in US Dollars.
May for my portfolio is a light month due to the type of stocks I picked in my portfolio. Most stocks pay once every quarter, a few like Realty Income (O) pay every month. Some companies pay twice a year, such as some foreign companies with ADR listings in the USA. I prefer quarterly paying companies with qualified dividends based in USA.

In a well diversified portfolio, one will be able to receive dividend income every month. Some companies pay on 1/4/7/10 months, some pay 2/5/8/11, and some 3/6/9/12. Some may have slips or do dividends earlier instead of following a strict +3 month cycle. For example some may do 3/6/9/1 (as December slips into January).

It is important to focus on the quarterly moving average. Or compare months inside the same quarter (i.e. 1/4/7/10 or 2/5/8/11) if one has mainly quarterly paying companies. Tracking the growth on a comparable basis is important o know if one's portfolio is growing in the right way.

In June I am expecting $1700 and July $1750 in dividends.

Ticker      Total    Taxable         401k
T $228.36 $228.36
CLX $125.66 $125.66
PG $123.62 $112.35 $11.27
APD $116.19 $116.19
GIS $82.40 $45.16 $37.24
CL $72.83 $60.28 $12.55
O $70.93 $70.93
SBUX $52.78 $40.48 $12.30
GD $41.38 $41.38
ABT $31.38 $31.38
MA $31.12 $15.61 $15.51
INTEREST $0.94 $0.42 $0.52
$977.59 $817.27 $160.32


  1. Fantastic Results! Nice to read you sometimes!
    Have a nice day, Loris

  2. Amazing results, I love looking at that upward trending chart.

  3. That is a great looking trend line. I am a lot like you in the fact that I pay attention to my quarterly totals as well as my monthly totals. Some years back I wrote an article about how I don't care which months my dividends are paid because I am in the accumulating stage of investing. You had some great results in May and I look forward to seeing your results for June! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Like your portfolio, but seems like you don't pay attention to price. Ex: your recent purchase of BA done at ATH.