Monday, April 23, 2018

Recent buy: PM, PG, KMB, MMM, etc

The consumer staples companies are getting extremely cheap. The yields are getting very attractive and many of these companies are very high quality. I have taken a sizable hit to my portfolio due to the drop in PM and MO and other consumer staples. However my income from these companies continues to grow. I think the selling is overdone as consumer staples today are now the "unpopular" group shunned in favor of technology and industrials. Today I added the following.

PM: $501
PG: $219
PEP: $204
JNJ: $381
MMM: $433
ITW: $157
CLX: $114
KMB: $196

Trades were executed for free.
I added small amounts. I want to add more to Altria (MO) but will wait until they announce earnings. I still have a lot of cash left (~$20,000) so I was planning to steadily add in over the next days / weeks. I have found it's best to do large additions slowly instead of all at once to avoid risk.


  1. Young Div -

    Holy sh*t. That's all.


  2. how did you get these trades for free

  3. I like this buy a lot. In fact, it is my April stock purchase :) Seeing KMB yield over 4% is a trigger for me. There are so many solid companies out there beaten down and giving us much better yields not seen in a long, long time, especially for the consumer staples. Long KMB!

  4. what makes you think consumer staples are cheap? e.g. clx is still 20% overvalued.