Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Recent buy: JNJ, MMM, APD, etc

I bought the following yesterday:

JNJ:  $1174
MMM: $2851
APD: $816
ABT: $533
CLX: $256
WEC: $313

I paid $8 total for trades for 3M, the others were free.
Right now my cash position is around $20,000. To see what my portfolio looks like now I updated my Portfolio page: http://www.youngdividend.com/p/portfolio_17.html

I plan to steadily move the cash in all at once as nowadays the market moves up and down quite heavily. It's good to catch some of the down days if possible.


  1. Those are all some great buys. I hold five of those companies mentioned. You are building up a nice solid portfolio that's for sure. Nice to see some heavy buying continue too.

  2. why don't you say at which prices you bought those shares?!

  3. Hi Youngdividend!

    Solid buys and same names I’m also considering to add later this week.
    It would be interesting to see your YOC in the portfolio-page. Are you calculating this?

    Best regards

    1. I only check the forward dividend. I never really check what my cost basis was on my investments or how much further the dividends have grown.

      I think if I focus too much on cost basis I will lose track and focus too much on my gains. Instead I just look at how much my portfolio generates in cash and enjoy the number as it climbs higher.

  4. Young Dividend -

    WOW. How much income did you just add?!


    1. I think about $150-ish in annual dividends added. I didn't check exactly. Doesn't sound much but bit by bit over many years is how the results start to show up.

  5. The price will be around the average of the stock's daily price range. It's too much book keeping to do that on my posts as sometimes I buy a lot of different shares.

  6. Holy Cow YD. That is some nice Dividend income right there from some great companies. MMM is one of my favorite investments!


  7. Good additions here YD. That is awesome that you have so much fresh capital to put to work during these volatile times. I look forward to seeing what else you purchase. Thanks for sharing.

  8. What brokerage are you using to get free trades?