Sunday, October 1, 2017

September 2017 Dividends Received

The end of the month is always an interesting time. I login to my brokerage account, scroll to the activity tab, and filter the list for Dividend and Interest. I then write down all my dividend payments and add them up to see how much money my companies paid me in the last month. The dividend payments keep getting larger and larger!

There were many companies that paid me this month and although each one by itself may not look much, all of the companies together make a decent payout. Big payers are Johnson & Johnson, Home Depot, and Pepsico. These are all companies with stable payout ratios.

Ticker      Total    Taxable         401k
JNJ $139.69 $134.35 $5.34
HD $110.85 $85.86 $24.99
PEP $108.18 $81.70 $26.48
KHC $58.51 $58.51
BDX $56.42 $56.42
O $53.27 $53.27
MMM $47.23 $47.23
D $45.57 $6.10 $39.47
NEE $34.59 $34.59
SO $33.44 $33.44
WEC $31.30 $31.30
MCD $30.26 $30.26
V $29.28 $23.46 $5.82
ROST $29.03 $29.03
CHD $26.83 $14.87 $11.96
TJX $25.38 $25.38
SJM $14.10 $14.10
WTR $6.38 $6.38
INTEREST $0.32 $0.04 $0.28
$880.63 $713.02 $167.61

In September 2017 my dividend checks totaled $880. I just look back many years ago while I was still in university and I was making $800 a month part time as an IT repair man. Now I can make more than that amount every month on average without having to work at all. Passive income is surely the way to go, and those hard earned dollars I have saved over years and years are starting to pay off. The dividends started out like a waste of time (like $20 a month) but now after several years they are becoming small snowballs that will continue to grow and grow. I hope one day this passive income will be able to support all of my monthly living expenses from housing to transportation to food to entertainment.
Certain months of the quarter pay more for me. September is a pretty good payout month. October will be even higher. I am expecting over $1000 in October! But November will be a lighter month since I do not hold many companies that pay in November. Since I continue to contribute every month to my portfolio, the dividends paid out on average every quarter should continue to increase as shown in the moving average line in the plot below.


  1. Hey YD,
    congrats on 880$ of dividend income, that's awesome. Not long and you crush the 1k per month on a regular basis. Your graph shows the steady path you're on and the power of dividend growth investing. - I'm in my year two of the journey to FI and absolutely happy with the progress. September Income will be just short of 500$ and projected annual dividend income about 3600$.
    When i look at your top payers in Sep like JNJ and PEP i know that these two companies have to end up in my portfolio, but it's difficult to catch them at a good valuation these days.

    Keep it up!!


  2. GREAT work YD! I totally agree with you on the pursuit of passive income being great; for a lot of reasons! And yes, the snowball really can start to roll after awhile. It's funny that OCT will be better for you than SEP. For me, SEP was a monster month (over 300% YoY growth..snowball??) but OCT will be much less. Keep it up,

  3. Dam nice young! Great income. Crazy that you used to earn less than that already.. got to love the climb of dividend investing.

  4. Excellent work, YD. So many great stocks in your list of Sept. dividend payers. That dividend from O is impressive given that it comes in monthly. The dividend from V may look small, but it's nearly twice mine, so I know it's a sizeable position. The growth from V makes up for the smaller payout - it's all about total return. The chart reveals the steady income growth that every DGI investor is looking for. If you expect $1K in October, it looks like that will be your 1st $1K month... exciting!

  5. YD -

    Congrats on the almost $900 total! Your big whoppers are some of the most stable companies, so congrats int aht area as well. Looking forward to your October!


  6. $800+ a month is some serious money. This was a big month for me as well. Keep it up.

  7. Almost $900 is awesome! And, wow!, that $53 a month in dividends from O is incredible. It's cool to see so much invested in Visa as well. They are a cash flow giant and one of my best longterm investments. They pay a small dividend but have tons of opportunity to increase it. I hope they are working on some sort of blockchain technology. Bitcoin won't hurt them, but the underlying technology might be a threat to effectively cut out the middleman, i.e., the authentication that Visa provides. What are your thoughts on that?


  8. Nice job. JNJ, O and D are a few of my favorite cash cows too.

  9. Those are some amazing results, all most 900$ in dividend. It's great that you mention the small start since I'm currently there and earning below $20. Inspirational to see where it can go!

  10. Congrats on the fantastic month! $880 is very impressive. Noticed CHD in their, it's one of my newest stocks. Adding little bit each month through Robinhood.

    Hope October is treating you well too!