Friday, September 1, 2017

August 2017 Dividends Received

Like clockwork, I received payments in the month of August from several of the businesses that I have shares in. The table below shows where the money was earned:

Ticker      Total    Taxable         401k
T $113.19 $113.19
GIS $88.66 $57.33 $31.33
PG $69.65 $59.31 $10.34
O $53.07 $53.07
SBUX $46.18 $37.90 $8.28
CLX $36.12 $36.12
APD $33.25 $33.25
HRL $27.71 $27.71
CL $24.00 $24.00
MA $16.78 $6.38 $10.40
ABT $15.90 $15.90
BCR $1.62 $1.62
Interest $0.36 $0.00 $0.36
$526.49 $412.71 $113.78

The high payer was AT&T followed by General Mills and Procter & Gamble.
August is a weak month, along with the months of 2, 5, and 11 in the year since not many of the companies I hold pay in those months.

For September I am expecting around $880 to be cashed into my brokerage account.
And for October I am expecting $1020.

If I take the quarterly moving average since month to month can be volatile, the trend is a nice upward increase in my monthly dividends. This is largely due to the contributions I put into my portfolio every month and the results are showing. I expect that my portfolio is able to grow the dividend by around 10% year over year by itself. This growth is from around 2-3% in dividend yield reinvested from my various portfolio positions (on average) plus the 7-8% of natural dividend growth from each of the holdings (on average) I have in my portfolio.

September and October tend to be very bad months for the year. I can already see my portfolio falling slightly despite my biweekly cash contributions trying to prop the portfolio up from market weakness. I am stocking up on cash for the coming weeks. I will post buy activities when they happen.



  1. Great work YD. August was another record month for me, so I'm pleased as well! Keep it up,


  2. Looks like the end of summer was a very solid showing... like clockwork, as you said, those dependable dividends keep rolling in. Looks like you anticipate a strong finish to 2017 with your Sep. and Oct. totals coming in pretty high. We share a lot of names for August too! Keep it up!

  3. Great list of companies. Sept and oct sound huge for ya! Keep it up

  4. Hey it looks like we have some of the same companies paying us dividends. It looks like your portfolio is producing very nicely. It is growing into a nice snowball. Keep up the good work.

  5. Solid total for August, YD... and that's an impressive collection of dividend payers. With what you estimate for Sept. & Oct. your quarterly average will keep moving up and to the right - just what you planned. Glad to see there are 5 stocks we share (PG, O, SBUX, APD, HRL). Keep those updates coming.

  6. Young Div -

    Heck yah, what a massive divvy from AT&T - reinvesting that back into them at 5%+ is awesome too. Love the trend, as well, that the moving average is heading for you, you are killing it that's for damn sure, looking at around $800 on average almost eh? Also - nice compounded dividend impact you have there with the yield + growth rate. Over the last year, my weighted average growth rate has decreased by about a percent due to lower growth rates on the dividends, to about 5% or so; therefore, my impact is over 8% (yield + growth) and has swayed away from my ~10%. Keep it up.


  7. Hey YD, I just ran my filters for my sept buy thru David Fish. My hopes were between T and KMB but the payout ratio for T is 92.02. What do you think of that payout ratio? Makes me nervous although the divy looks awfully nice. My two choices just looking at my filters are between ADM and KMB with ADM fitting all my requirements and looks pretty good. What is your opinion of ADM? What are your thoughts on KMB now vs when you purchased?


    1. I prefer KMB over T. More conservative industry and the payout ratio is less risky. I don't worry that AT&T will have issues with the dividend. Their debt is something I am more worried about especially after the Time Warner acquisition.

      I prefer KMB's business over ADM's. I don't like the type of business ADM is in. However ADM is very high quality and if you're comfortable with the more cyclical nature (more commodity-like) of its business then I have no qualms over owning it.

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  9. Good job. looked at the table wrong at first LOL. still a solid month none the less. keep buying and adding. Keep it up