Friday, June 2, 2017

Recent buys ......

I purchased a lot of shares in the last week. I haven't posted the update yet. Here is a list of what has been added to my portfolio recently.

Since I have 100 free trades a month I took the liberty to spray my purchases across several companies.

BDX   $945
SYK    $427
APD    $1008
GIS    $568
HRL    $504
T          $964
PM       $1080
ITW    $1414
KO       $910
MA       $1105
WEC    $1004
PG       $881
PEP    $1172
V          $952

ADP    $1513
MA       $1376

After calculating the dividends, this set of investment will increase my annual dividend by $400 a year. My portfolio is now around $8713 in annual dividends.


  1. Awesome job anytime you can add 400 to your dividends is always great. Keep it up

  2. Young Dividend -

    Holy crap... that's a sh*t ton of purchases, quite a capital infusion and SO many dividend aristocrats I see. On a killer path over there!


  3. Man that's alot of cash to drop. We're you sitting on a cash position for awhile? What made you pull the trigger? Either way nice work that's awesome!

    1. My cash % was getting too high since I didnt buy at the rate I was accumulating due to the market being so expensive. I have $30k still that I will hold in cash for now for a nice dip.

  4. Holy sh*t, that is one massive purchase. Congrats on pulling the trigger on so many different companies and adding a whopping $400 dividend to your annual.