Thursday, June 15, 2017

May 2017 Dividends Received

A little late to post, but here are the dividends I received in May 2017. I got $330 this month. Not bad. 2/5/8/11 months are lighter paying months for me since most of the companies I hold pay in other months.

Note that I now no longer hold any Verizon. I am considering adding more to AT&T to cover that high yield telecom space.

Ticker      Total    Taxable    Roth IRA         401k
GIS $79.29 $48.85 $30.44
O $41.60 $34.21 $7.39
T $36.41 $36.41
PG $28.83 $18.49 $10.34
APD $26.94 $26.94
VZ $25.68 $25.68
HRL $17.55 $17.55
ABT $15.95 $15.95
CL $14.26 $14.26
MA $12.55 $2.17 $10.38
CLX $11.54 $11.54
Interest $9.73 $9.60 $0.02 $0.11
SBUX $8.25 $8.25
BCR $1.88 $1.88
$330.46 $203.64 $59.91 $66.91


  1. I'm curious as to why you do not own vz anymore? Is there a specific reason or was that because of the transition you made a while back? I heard vz got the straight path deal recently for 5g. I'm curious about your thoughts on that vs T?
    Bty I wish blogger would let me comment with my name instead of anonymous I don't have a financial blog but I do comment once in a while.

  2. Ah ha I see your previous post and the answer to my question was there. Although what do you think about the 5g deal?


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