Thursday, January 19, 2017

Recent buy: PM & MO

Today I bought:
14 shares PM: $1318
84 shares MO: $5835

The RAI shares were sold today to purchase the MO shares. Since RAI is being bought out, I wanted to replace a US based tobacco company with another US based tobacco.

PM shares were done in my retirement account. I believe PM in the future will be able to grow faster than domestic US tobacco. It is only because of the temporary headwinds due to the strong dollar that PM is lagging behind MO.

These two company purchases will yield for me $264 a year in dividends.


  1. Very nice, a nice little dividend per year too. Looks like a good choice.

  2. Rock solid companies, love both and been slowly adding to them also.

    Today I dipped in TGT

  3. Young -

    Nice work! Big Tobacco are big dividend payers, hope you enjoy them and I did the same when LO sold to RAI... I bought more PM! Too funny.


  4. I want to add MO to my portfolio but the valuation now seems a bit too much. You won't get crushed over the long term, but I don't want to risk the likelihood of giving up that much due to valuation compression over time. All the best.