Tuesday, January 3, 2017

December 2016 Dividends Received

December 2016 was a good quarter for dividends. There are a lot of companies that I hold that pay in December. I got $588 this month across my 3 accounts. Top payers are Johnson & Johnson, Home Depot, Kraft Heinz, Coca Cola, and Dominion Resources. I reinvested all my dividends this month.

Slowly but steadily the dividends are increasing. 12 months ago, I was only able to receive $335 in dividends for December 2015.

For the new year of 2017, I am expecting my dividend accumulation to stay relatively flat because most of my cash is going towards a down payment. I need a place to live with a constant living cost since my rent keeps increasing, so I'm deciding to take a year to stabilize my housing which will momentarily hurt my dividend growth. That down payment cash will sit in a savings account earning a measly 1.05% yield.

The only cash I will be investing in will be in my 401k retirement account which will be roughly around $2700 every 2 months. Nevertheless, I predict that each of my holdings will increasing their dividends by some amount in 2017, and I hope to average 8% dividend increases across my entire portfolio.

Ticker      Total    Taxable    Roth IRA         401k
JNJ $78.02 $73.04 $4.98
HD $65.27 $16.28 $48.99
KHC $55.13 $55.13
KO $42.51 $42.51
D $41.18 $5.62 $35.56
MMM $38.62 $38.62
O $32.18 $32.18
SO $31.56 $31.56
SBUX $30.48 $22.23 $8.25
MCD $30.16 $30.16
NEE $26.13 $26.13
BDX $22.69 $22.69
V $20.80 $15.02 $5.78
CHD $20.16 $9.12 $11.04
ROST $16.36 $16.36
TJX $14.00 $14.00
WEC $11.92 $11.92
WTR $5.94 $5.94
SJM $5.68 $5.68
$588.79 $442.01 $32.18 $114.60



  1. Great work YD. Good to hear about you buying a home! It's risky but smart in the long run, in my opinion. I missed my 2016 passive income goal, but came close and am excited about 2017. Good luck,

  2. Good Work on YTD, same thoughts regarding buying the house.Goodluck for the new year.

  3. Awesome job you got some nice solid amounts and companies which will grow and grow and grow.keep it up.

  4. Solid total for the month of December. Nice to see a lot of your top payers are in my portfolio too. You have many great companies paying you. A solid base to any dividend income portfolio. Keep it up and look forward to folowing your progress in '17.