Monday, December 19, 2016

Recent buy: O

I purchased 35 shares today of Realty Income today for around 1,978.55

I believe O is cheap after the huge pull back. The rates have been increased and the news is over. Going forward, I believe O is prepared and ready for a rising rate environment is is still set to profit. Now that the rate hike uncertainty is largely baked in I decided to enter in on more O, the best monthly dividend paying stock.

O yields 4.3% right now. This amount will add $85 more to my annual income.


  1. Good work, I just opened a position today as well at about the same price.

  2. Me too. I just opened a position on this stock. I've read a lot of good things about this stock while doing research for stocks to buy. Finally bought some yesterday.

    Quick question. What do you think of LTC Properties (LTC)?


    1. I am not familiar with LTC. I only stick with big names that are high quality like O, FRT, NNN, PSA.