Monday, October 31, 2016

Recent buy:

Today I sold my VSM shares which were spun off from the parent company APD (I got a free trade from my broker). At the moment VSM doesn't offer a dividend and it's a small 2 billion dollar company. I'm sure VSM can grow being such a small company in the coming years but I would rather deploy my capital into more solid positions with dividends, and I had no intention of adding more to VSM. Once the selling closes I will use my VSM proceeds to buy more APD which has pulled back more than 15% after the spin off and I do not think APD will ruin their dividend streak, which means the yield is becoming more attractive now at 2.6%. I'll purchase APD next week.

Tomorrow morning the orders for these companies will be placed:

BDX      BECTON DICKINSON & CO              $200.00
GIS      GENERAL MLS INC COM                 $200.00
PM       PHILIP MORRIS INTL INC COM        $200.00

Slow and steady wins the race


  1. nice pick up of APD. Will be interesting to see what others do with the spin off. I'm holding my VSM for now but have it on my short list for a sell if it won't produce a dividend after a while. Nice buys coming in for tomorrow. I like all three. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I've been trying to figure out what to do with VSM too. I need to tear into the company more and hopefully we'll get a dividend announcement and some guidance on the future dividend prospects. My thoughts would be they would adopt a similar policy of growing the dividend as APD did but the future will tell us.

    I've noticed BDX's decline over the last week or two and wish I had some cash to be able to add to my position there. Great company in a great industry with demographic tailwinds.