Thursday, October 13, 2016

Recent buy: MO

Added 48 shares of MO to my Roth IRA. This is around $3000. I think that will do nicely by the time I grow old and withdraw from my IRA accounts. MO and its high dividend can grow tax free for many decades to come :)

MO has a yield of 3.9% right now with a steady increase rate of 8% year over year.
The forward P/E is 18.8 which I don't think is too bad in today's low interest rate environment.
MO at this level is 10% off its highs.
The BUD acquisition of SABMiller is now complete and MO now owns nearly 10% of BUD. MO has also increased their share buyback to 3 Billion after this announcement which is fantastic. I expect great things with their business with BUD.

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  1. Mo has been good to me do want to add some more. It is an excellant stock