Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May 2016 Dividends Received

Another month has passed. More dividends received! These dividend payments are getting quite useful. Check out what I cashed in this month:

Ticker      Total    Taxable    Roth IRA         401k
T $59.48 $59.48
GIS $53.58 $41.25 $12.33
HCP $37.94 $37.94
VZ $37.56 $37.56
NSRGY $34.83 $34.83
PG $31.50 $31.50
O $31.01 $31.01
ABBV $18.33 $18.33
CL $13.60 $13.60
ABT $13.11 $13.11
AAPL $12.82 $12.82
BUD $11.67 $11.67
MA $8.96 $8.96
SBUX $7.72 $7.72
APD $7.66 $7.66
CVS $5.81 $5.81
$385.58 $295.34 $68.95 $21.29

The big payers this month were AT&T, General Mills, HCP (which I no longer own), and Verizon.

In terms of dividends and my goals, I would say my growth has slowed down recently due to my increasing cash position. I have not been putting my money to work as often as I used to. Hopefully I can accelerate the growth as I try to deploy more cash (good value is hard to find nowadays). May of last year I received $238. This year I received $385 which is a near 62% growth. This growth was mainly from my continued contributions.


  1. You've got some great dividend growth here. It may not seem like a whole lot now but you're showing a dividend snowball trend. Keep it up!

    -Dividend Reaper

  2. That's a pretty healthy sum for the month of May. Congrats to you. While good values may be hard to find it's still important to remain consistent with your buys and not fall into the trap of trying to time the market for the "best" possible time to invest. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. I will try to stop "timing" and just dollar cost average.