Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Recent buy: HRL and SO

Due to uncertainty in the company I work for I have decided to postpone the down payment of a place to live for another year to see how the restructuring plays out. This will allow me some more freedom to allocate my cash since I do not need a large emergency fund to last for more than a year. Were I to lose my current job, I would still receive a severance package and I think an emergency fund in the $10,000-$15,000 will be sufficient for my needs since I only have to worry about myself.

I do not feel that renting is any worse than buying, and postponing the property purchase another year will not be any set back. In fact I estimate that renting will put me ahead. From the calculations I have done for my area (Silicon Valley in California) the property values to rent ratio are quite high so you are not getting much ahead by buying unless you are relying on capital gains on property purchases.

So today I resumed my routine portfolio contribution:

SO : $2000 (yield 4.44%)
HRL: $3000 (yield 1.51%)

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