Monday, February 29, 2016

Recent buy: BUD, NSRGY, and others

I picked up two international companies that yield over 3% annually. They are the beer giant BUD and the consumer staples giant NSRGY. Anheuser Busch InBev is based in Belgium and Nestle is based in Switzerland. They are both stable consistent cash flow businesses that have great financial strength. The downside is that they are foreign so I will initially get taxed on the dividend. The dividend gets paid once per year as well, so it's not every quarter. I can claim credit on my tax return so the net tax withheld is similar to regular US companies.

I also added small amounts to other companies. In total it's around $1600 USD this week.

BUD: $600
NSRGY: $600
PEP: $100
VZ: $100
MMM: $100
ABT: $100


  1. I have one buy setup for tomorrow on NSRGY too. Nice to see someone else investing in it. Great buys!

  2. Nice purchases, I plan on buying Nestlé and AB InBev shares too some day.

  3. Thanks for sharing. There are several stocks in your list I'd like to own!