Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Recent buy: JNJ, XOM, WMT

Unfortunately, the market bounced up sharply in the last couple of days. Although the price has not recovered completely it has made many stocks I had on my watchlist not as attractive. I will wait for a further pull back on those "favorite" dividend aristocrat names until another day when they come back down. In the meantime I will slowly add to the following core holdings:

JNJ - $400
XOM - $400
WMT - $200

For reference my "favorite" dividend aristocrat names that I am interested in right now are JNJ, CL, MKC, MO/PM, BF.B

Here's a picture of the S&P500 showing what happened last week. Talk about a volatile trading session! For us dividend growth investors, these fluctuations in market price only present us with buying opportunities from time to time. In the mean time, enjoy the growing dividends coming in every month :)

1 comment:

  1. I am noticing the (relatively) small purchases of $200-400 and can't help to wonder how about the size of your commission fees. I would guess they must be quite small to get it to work for you. Regarding your investments, we might actually be the same person. By and large I hold the same positions and adopt the same methods. We must have read the same books, have a similar temperament.