Thursday, November 27, 2014

End of the year goal reached 1 month early!

Due to aggressive saving and rather favorable market conditions, my dividend portfolio has recently passed my end of year 2014 goal of $66,700. As of Thanksgiving day, my portfolio stands at $69,147. Of course the market fluctuations could alter this number. I will continue making contributions in December and this will set my account slightly ahead of schedule which is always good :)

My goal was to yield 3.5% on average, which is around $2300 annually. Unfortunately due to the bull market, there have been less and less dividend stocks that have yields over 3.5%. Most of my stocks lie around the 2.8 to 3.2% range. Part of my portfolio also lies in Vanguard index funds which have yields must less than 3.5%. I am forced to use Vanguard index funds in my 401k because there are no better alternatives available.

My current annual dividend across all my accounts is $1900. This is short by $400. My average yield of dividend stocks and Vanguard indexes is around 2.75%. My dividend portfolio yield is 3.12%.

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