These websites are sites I visit daily for my research. Most of the resources below are free. If anyone has more resources they find useful, feel free to comment below and I will gladly add the site to my list. If you want your blog added send me a message through the contact link above.

Morningstar - I primarily use this site to get fair value estimates of stocks and credit rating. Also is a good source for credit rating of companies and company stats. I like to use it to check income, revenue, EPS, debt, dividends, and PE. Josh Peters also leads the DividendInvestor monthly reports which I subscribe (free) through my public library. I can login to Morningstar to read the reports using my library card. You need a subscription to see the fair value estimates.

Portfolio Visualizer - One of the best free backtest tools I use. They can reinvest dividends and you can select how you want to weight your portfolio and on which stocks. It can go back to 1985. You can select how much you want to contribute per month or year and whether you want to rebalance. It also can compare with the S&P and other index. You can compare up to 3 portfolios. The dividends are reinvested which is excellent for the dividend growth investing strategy.

NASDAQ Revenue/EPS - I use this to look at history of revenue, EPS, and dividend. The link points to Walmart but you can type a ticker you want to look up.

Seeking Alpha - Good source of articles and news. I frequent the articles and news pages often.

Finviz - Excellent site for seeing stocks PE, PEG, predicted earnings, beta, yield, SMA values, and other stats. It is all tabulated very nicely below the stock's graph.

Stockcharts - Another useful charting site. I use it to see the MACD. Although I don't base my buy decisions from MACD, it's interesting to see what the market is like. The site can also show SMA.

Big Charts - Very useful tool in plotting PE. It can also do other things too.

Dividend Champions - The spreadsheet of top dividend stocks is updated every month. The U.S. Dividend Champions are maintained by Dave Fish of Moneypaper's, whose articles appear at Seeking Alpha.

Buyupside - They have a nice charting utility to graph dividend payments. There's some other interesting stuff on the site too regarding dividends.

S&P Global Ratings - I use this to look up S&P financial credit ratings. It is free to sign up.

Additional research information (that will require subscription).
Value Line - I get my free Value Line subscription from my library. For people in the USA, you can access this likely for free if you have a library card and your library has a subscription. I am able to login with my library card ID. The Value Line reports are thorough and I use them for their credit rating, risk assessment, and measuring a stock's earnings predictability. They also provide nice commentary on the companies.

Fast Graphs - Excellent way to see all the information you want on a single graph. The subscription is a paid service but I think it's worth it.

S&P Capital IQ - I use S&P to get the fair value estimate of the stock and also research on the company. I get the articles for free from my Fidelity account. If you want the S&P credit ratings, you can access those for free from the S&P Global Ratings link I showed above.

Jefferson Research - I use Jefferson Research to see at a quick glance the quality ratings of a company. The picture below shows what I mean. I ignore the "buy/sell/hold" ratings. You can get access to these research articles for free by having an account with Fidelity.

News and Television Broadcast
CNBC Live - I watch CNBC every day after work for entertainment and current events. I use it more to get news updates. I don't use it to get buy or sell advice since I don't believe in trading or technical analysis or panic commentary that CNBC is so inclined to do. There is always some "expert" spouting  about the new market crash or the next big idea. You need a CNBC subscription or have CNBC with your TV provider so this is not free.

Jim Cramer Podcast - This is free and I listen to it when I drove home from work. There is a new podcast around 4-5pm Pacific Time every weekday. Although some may hate Jim Cramer, I find him entertaining and use him to provide me current event news since he's one of the only casters that doesn't make me fall asleep. I like some of his commentary on stocks but don't agree with everything he has to say. I'm always open to other people's opinions even if I don't agree with them. He is also available in video format from CNBC Live but I usually only listen to the audio on my phone while driving.

Bloomberg TV - I stream Bloomberg every now and then on my TV.  They provide current events but in my opinion they have less content.

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  1. YD, was hoping to find a link to download a spreadsheet template similar to your colourful February 2018 Portfolio Summary. Following you on Twitter if you PM me there for my email address that would be much appreciated. Willing to pay to save me creating what looks like conditional formatting. Kind regards.