My Tier 1 Stocks

These are my favorite stocks. The charts display their earnings (multiplied by a P/E of 15) and dividend payments over time. Earnings graphs are generated with FastGraphs. Only companies that have highly predictable earnings, consistently increasing earnings, consistently increasing dividends, and high quality credit rating make it on this list. These companies are the gold standard of what the best run companies should be like in my view. I want companies to increase their earning power even during recessions.

Note that some dividend champions are not on the list, even though they are still very good companies (such as KO, PEP, MMM, or XOM). That is be because they have bumpier earning growth due to their cyclical nature. Note that this list is not a "go out right now and buy all of these stocks" list. The chart does not show price; it is up to the individual investor to do his or her research and decide if the company is not overpriced.

**** This list is rather old. I will update this for 2017 (many of the old names will stay but I have some new ones I like)****

Updated 10/16/2015