Saturday, May 9, 2020

April 2020 Dividends Received

In April the following was received in cash from each holding, and the amount was reinvested back into the companies that paid them.

Ticker      Total    Taxable         401k
MO $673.97 $612.66 $61.31
PM $485.35 $427.25 $58.10
KMB $161.75 $116.51 $45.24
XEL $149.04 $149.04
ADP $138.40 $138.40
KO $136.58 $136.58
ITW $120.92 $97.85 $23.07
O $80.33 $80.33
MKC $79.97 $53.55 $26.42
SYK $49.55 $44.32 $5.23
MDT $46.14 $46.14
INTEREST $0.09 $0.07 $0.02
$2,122.09 $1,822.37 $299.72

I am expecting to have a May payout around $1350 and June will be at least $1950.


  1. how are you buying stocks in your 401k? Who is the carrier?

  2. I am new to investing, I like your result! Looks like a solid month report with those divvy increases, inspiring stuff - keep it up man. Now is a difficult time, and I hope that there will be no loss!

  3. I'm a young investor in early 20s, I noticed you had some dividends coming in via your 401K, is that something you recommend? I see the value in such from a tax advantage.

    Also, I'm new to DGI (Dividend Growth Investing), how many stocks do you recommend for a beginner?

    I don't believe I would be a huge fan of having 40+ stocks to have to manage.

    My initial aim is probably going to be a few stocks from the sectors I'm interested in investing within.