Saturday, April 4, 2020

March 2020 Dividends Received

Although Coronavirus is spreading its damage around, it has so far not changed the dividends I have received in the month of March. Here are the dividends I got and they were all reinvested back to the companies that paid them.

Ticker      Total    Taxable         401k
JNJ $255.54 $249.68 $5.86
HD $218.08 $174.99 $43.09
PEP $213.70 $180.28 $33.42
NEE $203.80 $153.64 $50.16
MMM $158.14 $130.81 $27.33
D $154.32 $100.17 $54.15
WEC $143.65 $126.09 $17.56
BDX $80.26 $80.26
O $75.72 $75.72
V $71.73 $55.13 $16.60
ROST $61.35 $61.35
MCD $60.62 $60.62
MSFT $50.28 $22.35 $27.93
TJX $49.66 $49.66
CHD $46.99 $31.44 $15.55
HON $43.51 $43.51
BA $33.67 $33.67
INTEREST $0.40 $0.31 $0.09
$1,921.42 $1,553.96 $367.46

March was a good month, very close to $2K. The moving average monthly dividend cashflow is setting new highs. I have been investing more heavily in the last few weeks as stocks are now cheaper than at the highs, so yields are good values relative to the past. April I am predicting a large income month barring any dividend cuts, I am expecting $2100 at least. For May I am predicting at least $1280. 

The portfolio at the month is set to output $21,395 in annual dividend payments assuming no dividend cuts. So although the portfolio value tanked down after the Coronavirus panic, my dividend income is now continuing to grow as I add more and more shares while prices of shares are depressed. Note how the red graph below (the dividend income) was flat for several of the past months, and only started recently increasing after the Green bar (portfolio value) tanked. This is because I held cash and did not buy anything since Q4 2019 until March 2020 due to my concerns of overvaluation and low yields on shares.


  1. Young Div,

    Incredible results and the patience/perseverance through this will be key. Stay the course!


  2. Wow, over $1,900 in dividend income for March. That's amazing! Keep up the great work.