Thursday, January 2, 2020

December 2020 Dividends Received

Time to tally up the last month of the year in 2019. December I received $1768 in dividends.
The cash was reinvested back into the stocks that paid them. This month had a lot of payers, which illustrates the resiliency of the total income flow from any one company having difficulties paying or raising the dividend.

Ticker      Total    Taxable         401k
JNJ $253.82 $248.00 $5.82
HD $196.51 $157.68 $38.83
NEE $181.01 $136.46 $44.55
MMM $149.31 $122.76 $26.55
D $148.96 $96.69 $52.27
WEC $133.11 $116.84 $16.27
KO $132.28 $132.28
BDX $80.02 $80.02
O $73.26 $73.26
V $71.62 $55.04 $16.58
MCD $60.24 $60.24
ROST $54.77 $54.77
MSFT $50.11 $22.27 $27.84
TJX $49.47 $49.47
BA $45.73 $45.73
CHD $44.41 $29.71 $14.70
HON $43.29 $43.29
$1,768.07 $1,451.25 $316.67

For January I am expecting a bit over $2000 in dividends. February, is a lighter month so I am estimating $1200 in dividends.

In 2019 for the whole year, the sum of dividends received is $18,071 USD. This dividend is starting to become a decent noticeable chunk of cash. Note that all of this cash was reinvested back into even more shares so that I can get even more dividends. This is the snowball I am trying to build. Next year I expect this $18,071 to be well over $20,000 from contributions and individual companies' growth.

The market is very expensive right now so I have not added additional positions in a while, am just sitting on cash. I will summarize more on the portfolio in 2019 in a post soon, am currently writing my summary and reflecting for the year 2019.

The trend of the dividend graph is for the most part progressing steadily upward. Pepsi has an irregular quarterly payment schedule, usually they pay in the last month of the quarter (i.e. 3, 6, 9th month). But for some reason Pepsi's dividend pays in January instead of being in December. Hence the slight dip down. I hold a decent size of Pepsi in the portfolio so the dividends are impactful.


  1. Crushing it. $18k in dividends and $1.7k for December is huge.

  2. What a month! Congrats on a strong finish to 2019 YD.


  3. Nice work, you have one large snowball accumulating more volume at a quick pace as it continues to roll on!