Friday, February 23, 2018

January 2018 Dividends Received

In January 2018,  last month, I received $1175 in dividends. Not a bad amount. I used some of this amount to help fund my trip to Tokyo in February.

Although markets were very volatile in February as they usually are, the dividends were highly predictable. They just continue to come in and I do not see any payout ratio problems with these companies so far. Dividends continue to be a smooth climb upward. The plot below shows what I received so far in previous months.

Ticker      Total    Taxable         401k
MO $350.49 $301.26 $49.23
PM $340.58 $292.59 $47.99
PEP $108.97 $82.30 $26.67
MKC $61.56 $39.72 $21.84
KMB $58.54 $36.55 $21.99
XEL $58.49 $58.49
O $54.32 $54.32
ADP $44.58 $44.58
MDT $44.06 $30.82 $13.24
ITW $39.08 $39.08
SYK $13.68 $9.43 $4.25
INTEREST $0.34 $0.04 $0.30
$1,174.69 $934.86 $239.83


  1. I know you love these "off months" which are usually lower for most people. Awesome work YD! Glad to see you deployed some capital on the dip!

  2. YD,

    That's awesome that you brought in over $1k of dividends in January. I must have missed this before but is your 401k a solo/self employed 401k or is it through your employer? If it's through your employer that's fantastic that they let you invest in individual companies. I'm stuck with just funds in my own 401k but luckily there's at least some really low cost index funds there so I can get by pretty well.

  3. Yes my employer has a plan with a brokerage firm for its 401k. Most just get the funds or indexes. However for the broker, I need to pay $25 a quarter for service fee and trades are $7.99 each. I prefer this option as I like picking dividend stocks instead of buying actively managed funds with high rates or buying the overall index.