Friday, May 1, 2015

April 2015 Dividends Received

April was not a bad month for dividends. TROW paid a special dividend this month so the dollars received were slightly skewed.

Taxable BAX $13.56
KO $13.35
KMB $15.66
WMT $5.42
MO $61.12
PM $58.22
TROW $29.49
KRFT $15.54
401K MO $24.96
MKC $16.00
Roth KO $6.65
O $15.15
TOTAL: $275.12

My goal is to hit over $300 for every month in dividends before the end of this year. The red bars were goals I set earlier. So far things seem to be on track as long as my dividends are not cut.

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