Friday, May 30, 2014

Purchases Week of May 26, 2014

A couple of more purchases this week. I had an additional $1500 check sent to my brokerage last week and it arrived this week. I still have over 200 free trades so I have been using them liberally!

I have some added positions, some are new positions and some are additions.

PetSmart - PETM
6 shares @ 55.51

4 shares @ 54.72

Seadrill - SDRL
22 shares @ 37.16

Kinder Morgan Management - KMR
12 shares @ 72.21

McDonalds - MCD
4 shares @ 101.85

Philip Morris - PM
10 shares @ 87.78

Chuch and Dwight - CHD
8 shares @ 68.70

Kinder Morgan Inc - KMI
5 shares @ 33.57

The current portfolio breakup is shown below. See the Portfolio page for more information. I plan to add $2000-2500 a month to the brokerage account every month, which should help me better divide up the portfolio sectors. Currently I'm heavy on consumer staples (especially tobacco) and MLPs. The retail sector has been doing very poorly this year, so I hope the buys into ROST and TJX work out in the next several years. PETM is a very small holding since I felt it is severely underpriced, and I don't plan to add more to this. I want to try and avoid low yield stocks like these in the future unless they offer growth opportunities, which ROST and TJX seem to be. I have skipped out on Target since I do not want to overexpose myself to retail and I am not confident I will see any improvements for a very long time.

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